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Relaunch - how will it work?

Hi players of OS-War,

Thank you for sticking to our server, we're currently working on relaunching our server! Hopefully, you will enjoy all our effort put into this.

So lets start by talking what's going to change in this relaunch:

  • Everyone will start again from 0, you will not have your stats or any items. This means a complete reset
  • You will lose all your donated items, but you will keep the rank you donated for (so the amount of dollars you donated)
  • The discord bot will be nerfed by a lot.
  • Ingame items will be made harder to obtain, especially rare items.

We will try to add all the latest OSRS updates into our game as well!

Also, old players will receive some extra presents to help start them in the game ;)

Hopefully you're as hyped as we are!


Created by: pim3

Created on: 2019-02-16 22:16:11

Last updated on: 2019-02-16 22:16:11

Server relaunch

Hi players!

We are currently offline preparing for our relaunch! The the server is currently down till the end of february and will be online the 1st of March! More details on donations will be posted later.

Created by: pim3

Created on: 2019-02-07 14:23:23

Last updated on: 2019-02-07 14:23:23

Top donators & voters

Hi there! Another month has passed, this means that we have some winners to annouce for both top 3 donators and top 3 voters! The following top 3 donators will receive this sword and an extra reward in blood money! Top 3 donators 1 - Nubes, one blazing sword & 20k blood money 2 - Hitamaru, one blazing sword & 15k blood money 3 - Its Bloke, one blazing sword & 10k blood money Top 3 voters 1 - Persona, one blazing sword 2 - Crypsys, one blazing sword 3 - Miku, one blazing sword Congratulations to the winners! You may do ::inviteclaim to claim your prizes!

Created by: pim3

Created on: 2018-10-31 10:16:02

Last updated on: 2018-10-31 10:16:02

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Thanks to Codyth for being an excellent client sided developer in our team, because of him the game is more stable and rewarding.

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We try to make our game as enjoyable as possible, because we can't live without our players. If you have any suggestions, please let them know.

OS-War Owner

The first place where people come to download the game is the website, the website should be good and player friendly and I don't think that it is in the current state.